Committed to providing
exceptional and effective solutions
to challenges with parking downtown.

What We Do
Downtown Parking Solutions, LLC is capable of assisting organizations with many parking projects and challenges. Below is a short list of the many services available:

Inventory/Occupancy/Demand Analysis
Tabulate the quantity of parking spaces (private and public, on and off street) compared to occupancy levels and anticipated demand for existing and future development.

Green Initiatives
Prepare a strategic plan of "GREEN" initiatives including but not limited to:
- Encouraging carpooling
- Accommodating bicycle storage
- Providing premium parking areas and charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles

Operational Audit & Financial Review
Evaluate operational characteristics such as management oversight, access and revenue control equipment, customer service and satisfaction, housekeeping, safety concerns, aesthetics, etc... Review parking revenues vs. expenses and assess opportunities for improving efficiency, including rate surveys, collection performance, wage reviews, utilities, and more.

Service Enhancement Strategies
Develop ways and means for improving customer service including satisfaction surveys.

Enforcement Studies
Assess enforcement levels, customer compliance and fine collection performance.