Committed to providing
exceptional and effective solutions
to challenges with parking downtown.

Our Mission
To provide our clients with exceptional parking expertise and service at a fair price that is economical and cost effective.

Our Business
Formed in December, 2007, Downtown Parking Solutions, LLC is a limited liability company operating out of the Minneapolis area. As a small business, we are structured to provide a wide range of services and advice at a competitive price.

Who We Are
As the sole proprietor, Jon H. Seybold brings over twenty-five years of experience in managing downtown parking systems, privatization (on and off street), innovative customer service initiatives and revenue enhancement strategies.

Jon has personal experience with development organizations such as Downtown Kalamazoo, Inc., Downtown Partners and Indianapolis Downtown Inc. Among other accomplishments, Jon led efforts in privatizing the nationally recognized and award winning parking operation in Kalamazoo Michigan in 1989 and privatizing the on-street parking enforcement operation in Indianapolis Indiana in 1995.

Prior to forming Downtown Parking Solutions, Jon worked with a leading parking management company since 1983, most recently holding the position of Regional Manager.

Jon has experience with world-wide, national and local trade organizations, such as the International Downtown Association, International Parking Institute, National Parking Association, ASIS International, and BOMA. Jon is also a past board member and member of the Michigan Parking Association, Ohio Parking Association, and Minnesota Association of Parking Professionals.